Catonsville Violin Studio

Private Lessons and Performances

Catonsville Violin Studio Fees & Policy



Payment is due the first lesson of the month for the entire month, including those that have five weeks. Checks should be made payable to Catherine Gates. Cash, credit and checks are accepted. Should you be absent the first lesson of the month it is your responsibility to pay via for your lesson the day of your lesson.  You can also send a Paypal transaction to, which is my husband's email.

Monthly fees

15 minute lessons - $64.00

30 minute lessons - $124.00

45 minute lessons - $152.00

60 minute lessons - $192.00

Missed Lessons/Rescheduling

  • I can reschedule your lesson if you provide 24 hours’ notice. If you provide less than 24 hours’ notice I cannot guarantee a rescheduled lesson. I do my best to help everyone out, but in the instance I cannot reschedule that missed lesson does not get made up.
  • If I miss a lesson the lesson will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time or your monthly payment will be pro-rated for the next month.
  • Should you arrive late for a lesson you will receive instruction for the remainder of the scheduled lesson only.
  • If Baltimore County Public Schools close due to inclement weather then I operate under a "come at your own risk."  I try to let students know the conditions near my house on those days.

Lessons missed by the student for any reason will not be made up nor tuition refunded.

Lesson Termination

In the event of irregular attendance or repeated failure to prepare assigned material I reserve the right to terminate lessons with no refund. If you elect to end lessons there will be no refund.

Parents Role

The role of the parent is to ensure their child arrives at the lesson in a timely manner with appropriate materials, to take notes on the lesson as a reference for home practice sessions, to guide their child in home practice sessions, and to motivate and encourage good character and practice habits.  Parents should be engaged in the lesson and let me know at any time what questions arise.